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Restore Your Marriage Book for Nevada, United States

I would definitely recommend How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage to any and every woman. This is the book that all women should be reading to prepare for marriage and while going through marriage struggles. It is all filled with Gods truth and will help heal any situation!

Finding the Abundant Life Book for Missouri, United States

Abundant Life has taught me to find the promise land here and now. Helped me find the Lord as my heavenly husband. I have never in my 39 years ever felt so loved. I can honestly say he is all I want and need. He knows me best and will turn all for good. Who could want more

Restore Your Marriage Book for Virginia, Unites States

I already bought the book for two other people. I would highly recommend this book it is unlike any marriage book that you have read. It has the truth in it. And it works.

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