Meet Atarah Matthews. Atarah is one of RMI's Ministry Team Members and she was asked to be one of our first Restoration Journey Novelists after we read her Restored Marriage Testimony that we selected and published in By the Word of Their Testimony (Book 3): Nothing is Impossible With God. and many ongoing praises that were published on RMI's Encourager.

_3 Atarah Matthews RJN

Atarah, what is the reason(s) you feel called to write a book with the help of NRP?

To be honest, at first, I did not think that the Testimony of my Restored Marriage was anything special. I have always enjoyed reading, I love language and I enjoy writing. I sought the Lord about starting to write my own RJN and the more I spoke to Him about it the more I felt that He wanted me to write it. No RJN would ever be the same and if reading my RJN could be the "bait" for all the hurting women out there to believe that God restores then I would be so happy. I am also writing my RJN so that women can know that once a divorce goes through that it is not the end and not to lose hope. God still restores. And finally, I hope and pray that women that read my RJN will learn some of the things that I did that changed my life along my RJ.

What is your primary language or mother tongue, Atarah?

Atarah, do you speak another language? 
Yes, Afrikaans

Will you be writing in both languages?

What was the approximate month and YEAR you first found RMI, Atarah?

Please share your heart with us, Atarah, to let us know what RMI and/or Encouraging Women has done and meant to you.

Life-changing. That is what I would say in 1 word. To add to that I would say that my journey never ended with RMI because I am always growing and learning. RMI came into my life when my world was falling apart and I was desperately in need of answers to so many questions. I am still here and RMI is still a big part of my life. I am still growing and learning and enjoying all the resources offered here.

Atarah, how much time, each DAY or each WEEK, do you work on your book? 
A total of 3.5 hours a week, including weekends. Sometimes more.

If you would like to connect and potentially work with Atarah on your book or help her with hers, you can find Atarah on Facebook.

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