RADD Course

#1 🇺🇸 WRYM Cover Google Worksheet "Make a copy."

Flower Front FLIPPED

Back cover Author picture

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3 thoughts on “#1 WRYM “Restore Your Marriage””

  1. Beautiful Anastasia! I love 💗 this cover so much.

    1)We need to agree on whether we use the WORD “And” or the symbol and then adhere to this with all the LNG —including English.

    2)To compare use the English not the old cover. You can’t compare the full cover without the full English cover.

    3)Add the remaining covers to the menu and discuss this on #23 Q&A

  2. Thank you Anastasia, yes, we need to use the word “E” instead of the Symbol &. I left a comment for you in the document 🙂

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