At the bottom of each excellent RJN that is written ✍️ As the proofreader, leave a comment that the writer can use to improve her own writing, and once she comments under it, as the proofreader, then these notations can be deleted.

When we see someone proofreading, and showing promise, then we can begin to reach out about adding you as an independent contractor once you’ve “volunteered” with your comments as corrections.

5 thoughts on “Restoration Journey Novels”

  1. Hello. I wanted to ask if there’s any chance that I am related to Adina since we appear to have the same last name. But then my Husband told me to remove the “s” because I am no longer the property of my EH Jacob. But that means I will need a new cover designed. Can we request someone from the RADD team redo it and then offer them a donation? Where would we start?

    1. Hi Hello Leah, Excited to see you here, I am not sure that you are related to Adina. Of course, you can request an update to your cover. I will contact the RADD Team, and hopefully, we will be able to do the small change soon.

      1. Hello my dear Sara, were you able to access the folder with my RJN? I see my NRP access still doesn’t allow me to add anything.

        1. Even though I thought that as a publishing company, we should be doing this, I believe what would be much more exciting is that the authors themselves become part of NarrowRoad publishing. Especially when they are ministers and administers, who can upload their own and build their pages.

          Adina, I commented elsewhere to tell you that you are at the EDITOR level, so you should be good to go.

  2. I just read Kelly Todd My Restoration Journey Novel “Too Little, Too Late”
    I related to this Novel. The moving forward with the Lord only to allow the enemy access to help us tear it down in a second. How thankful I am that our Beloved forgives and forgets our mistakes and keeps His promises.

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