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Books in Work

These are the books that are still being written and will be published in our bookstore in eBook format as soon as they are done, but you can see them on our websites even as they are being written because we don't believe in withholding something good when we can share it with the world.


The His Prince and Princess series is the perfect series for those boys and girls who are longing for that Forever Best Friend like Erin did when she was a little girl.

Macy Barn Cat and Horses Hoped For are two beautiful true stories in Our series for Children that are coming out on eBook soon. The series shows children that "nothing is impossible with God" is easy to read and understand and each one comes with a list of promises to hold on to.

Living Lessons

A much-loved series will soon become available in eBook form. Yes, you read it here first, the Living Lessons, will be available on Encouraging Bookstore soon.

It is so exciting to know that all the knowledge and wisdom from our living Lessons will soon be shared in eBook form.

Once the English is released, we hope that some of the other languages will follow behind.

We will soon have more updates for you on this.


My Beloved Child Daily Devotional

Erin started focusing on the next generation and wrote and published some beautiful works on HomeGrownMinistries.

The latest in her series for children is the daily devotional for children which is a version of the My Beloved Daily Devotional that is highly praised by many.

Our Licensed Franchise Ministries found it so helpful that 3 of them immediately started translating them so as Erin writes new devotionals, they are being translated in • Português • Afrikaans • Español.

UPDATE: I am excited to add that the author, Erin Thiele, has finished the book and we as the publishers are getting it ready to be published as an eBook. 🥳

"Erin, thank you for these chapters that instill in my heart that I am truly married to Physician. Not any physician either, not like in the doctors offices where they only try to get rid of the symptoms that we have for a reason. Or where they are only guessing at what they are doing yet pretending they know everything. I couldn’t be more happier to be married to the best and most wonderful Physician that truly heals! ❤️‍🩹How wonderful is He!! 💞"

As new sections and chapters of this amazing book become available, they will be published on our LoveAtLast.ORG Blog. Make sure you are subscribed to receive new content published.

Another amazing book in our Teenage series for girls is The Wise Woman in Waiting.

Don't take my word for it, read the comments from so many on what certain sections or chapters meant for them.

You will find this on our HomeGrownMinistries and new chapters and sections will be published on our HomeGrownMinistries Blog so make sure you are a subscriber to receive new content.

HomeGrownMinistries also has a series of books for parents and How to Really Enjoy Your Children & Love Being A Parent is the latest addition to that series.

Read some of the comments of the ladies who have been blessed by the chapters that were already published.

New Chapters will be available on the HomeGrownMinistries Blog.

He Healed Me by our writer Paula Stone has only a few chapters available at the moment, but one of these chapters is one of our most shared when we want to encourage our newer brides that need emotional healing.

Read the chapter, They Don't Have It and wait in anticipation with all of us for new chapters on LoveAtLast.ORG Blog.

I am excited to announce our first Restoration Journey Novel that will be published in many years. Brave Through the Fire by Lota Joel will be available in eBook form soon. Please watch this space for more information.

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