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Has lessons to teach you how to Design Radically with Awesome Descriptive Designs

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30 thoughts on “RADDESIGN.CO”

  1. When I need to upload a logo, I am forever running into the same issues— it cuts off the RMI or EW arms or some other square logo that must fit into a round post.
    Today my Husband led me to do this fairly quickly. It’s shared with Sara and Anastasia (since I’m happily part of her paid account), but I’m not able to share this ROUND Logo folder with you, Adina. I can continue to create what I need but would be more excited to pay someone else to provide what we need. Let me know if you’re interested in participating in this project.

    1. Unfortunately I can’t add another person in the Canva group, but I remember that Perla has a paid account by NRP if I’m not wrong, it is possible that she can add Adina there for this task. I could gladly collaborate on this project, but I see that you have Adina in your heart for this.

    2. Thank you Erin and Anastasia, I do have a paid Canva account that me and Isabella use to collaborate on for videos. I will gladly assist with the design for RMI.

      1. It’s perfect there are 2 Teams. I just added Isabella to the RADD WhatsApp group for the teams to coordinate efforts.
        #1 The RADD project is to encircle each logo to allow for easy uploading.

        #2 The circle ⭕️ should be thin and nondescript—not like HOPE’S https://hopeatlast.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/HopeAtLast-ROUND-Adina-Logo.jpg

        #3 Make it as LARGE as possible within the circle.

        #4 If there’s dead space for text such as I discovered above the head of the RMI lady then you can create an option with the name.

        #5 The project concludes when each is in the correct OneDrive folder 📂 and there’s one on the correct website so we are letting our lights shine.

        Anastasia and Sara do you want to take the EW LOGOS since Anastasia has been working on these? Then Adina and Isabella you can take the rest?

        1. Sure. I understand that you want me to create a round logo for the EW logos like Adina with the RMI logo, is that right?

          1. Thank you Adina. I’m so GLAD you did the first entirely plain version. Even though the other designs are creative for this project we just need the plan circle with the logo inside—a bit boring for someone as creative as you. 🤗🤗🤗

  2. Thank you, Anastasia, you can give my place to someone else in your account. He led me to also have an account, so I could test something for the covers 🙂

    1. I’m not sure you need to give it up Sara, but as I’m saying this maybe there are other ministers or even would-be apprentices eager to learn and help.

    1. There were a few options so I’m assuming it’s the plain one I bordered in green, I’ll let you upload the jpg and png to the OD link I left you. It’s WONDERFUL to have variety however, but the simple is clean and speaks volumes!

      1. I LOVE 💗 the first option. Are you able to turn it to the right so the words are level just to see how it looks?

        As far as the MEN’S isn’t that crazy that most are BLUE?!?

        So let’s SSG to agree whether He wants us to match the women’s colors OR to choose other flags colors so each is distinct. My Husband has told me to share this with the EM WhatsApp group so the couples can SSG too— possibly even post on the blog for comments.

    1. Love them all. I’m in agreement about using your suggested Grouping. Just getting confirmation from the Men’s couples.
      Regardless can you add ALL the variations to OD #9 MEN’S LOGO FOLDER 📂


      *Please be sure to title them LNG FIRST so they sort properly.

      Can we get them in a circle ⭕️ like EW?

      Once they’re approved we need to integrate them all together.

      Thanks Anastasia.

        1. They’re PERFECT 🤩 DONE ✅
          We just need them uploaded to RMI website so the men’s team has access and can add them to the men’s website.

          UPDATE: As I said in WhatsApp…
          Well, when I went to RMI to test it, I’d planned something that won’t work, since the original logo is gone and replaced *you did say that* haha but anyway, it’s a lot more work so I confess I must have been WRONG! I can now confess I am no idea what He wants or how this works hahaha. JUST THANKFUL we have these circled logos that work so well in so many situations…

    1. Oh my GOODNESS they’re gorgeous!!! Anastasia there’s no doubt you were working with your Husband on these. We never discussed using the same color EW For the font AND circle. Brilliant.
      PLEASE go ahead and upload these to the OD THIS FOLDER 📂 #2EW LOGOS

      🙏🏻 just be sure **LNG FIRST ** so they sort properly. Please don’t create a different folder. We still have a group that’s waiting to have the logos renamed LNG FIRST.

      1. They are all beautiful, but my favorite ones are the first with the simple circle and the third one with the double circle. Thank you so much Anastasia. I think I would use the double-one because it is simple but it also adds a style and brings more attention to the beautiful EB logo inside.

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