Encouraging Women in Mexico 🇲🇽

Restore Your Marriage Book Sent to Mexico

~ In the book I found the journey that Erin took to be able to put God first and everything else as her restored marriage was added to it. I found the great need that as daughters of God we have for an intimate, genuine and personal relationship with Papa God, with the Holy Spirit and with our Heavenly Husband, rediscovering and refocusing on our first love. I found that as daughters of the King we are called to give before receiving, that we all have a resource to give to someone who needs it.

~ I encourage you not to believe the lie that everyone says that your marriage has no solution, because God's will is for all marriages to be restored and he tells you how you are going to achieve it, but you must be obedient and make an effort and leave the control in his hands, but above all have that intimate relationship with him and not let anyone steal your peace or take away the focus of becoming his bride.

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