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Restore Your Marriage book sent to Honduras

I recommend the RSM book, it has advice, teachings, biblical verses that will renew the way you see things, you will find the truth and you will know yourself in a way that you did not even know you were, the book works, I say it because in what personal has changed my life and my walk with the Lord my heavenly husband.

Finding the Abundant Life sent to the United Arab Emirates

Dear ladies, many at times we have lost peace, joy , freedom and many other things because of the deception that comes from the enemies packaged in situations. Do you that circumstance that comes our way is for our good? Do you know that actually you could enjoy eternity now? I do recommend Finding the Abundant Life book that will guide you using the word of God on how to find this life and have unspeakable Joy and peace.

Restore Your Marriage book sent to the United States

I do recommend "How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage" to other woman. It is a great book and road map to become the woman, wife, and mother God has called women to be. I didn't know how to act in my situation, but God led me to buy the book it was what I needed and the guidance I was looking for.

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