More RJN Chapters PLEASE!!

I thought NRPH was posting the RJN chapters here on your ministry website, Sara, but I'm subscribed and can't see them. Are the authors being asked to post their own— as praises—each time they complete a chapter? May I recommend this be on the RJN author page?
I just read and posted on another blog, but having them here, as I suggested, would be amazing!!

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1 thought on “More RJN Chapters PLEASE!!”

  1. Let me be the first to comment. After seeing the backend, it shows RJN chapters are set for Fridays, so maybe (another suggestion) might be to ask your RJ novelist to coordinate and rotate their posts to help you. I’d also love to see the new covers uncovered Sundays. Here’s the list I found, maybe you can reach out to let everyone know when you’d like to post series.
    Monday 🎧 Audiobooks
    Tuesdays 💝 Sowing Seeds
    Thursday 📚 NEW BOOKS
    Friday ✍🏼 RJN
    Sunday 🌟 “Covers Uncovered”

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